Taiwan Election Might Stir The Pot?!

Election in Taiwan - voting at the ballot box. The hand of man is putting his vote in the ballot box. 3D rendered illustration.

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Taiwan’s upcoming election on January 13th will give its citizens an opportunity to vote for a new President. 

This election has the world watching, including the United States. Just recently President Biden and China’s President, Xi Jinping, joined together after a year of not seeing each other in person, to discuss international relations. Xi Jinping was very blunt in saying that he felt the “most important and most dangerous” issue in their relationship was Taiwan. 

Taiwan is a hot topic between the two countries since it claims to be a sovereign nation while China continues to claim ownership over the country. On the other hand, the United States is Taiwan’s most significant supporter and they are bound by law to provide them with the means to defend itself. 

Rorry Daniels, the managing director of the Asia Society Policy Institute said, “Washington is well prepared to deal with any choice that the Taiwan electorate makes, but there’s certainly going to be different opportunities and challenges depending on what the results of the election are.”

It’s pretty clear that, across the board, everyone wants to cooperate with the United States to keep Chinese influence out of the region. 

Daniels states how everyone can maintain their relationships without problems, but he hints at the fact that these problems have a probability of arising. “We’re going to see these minor flare-ups that each side thinks is for defensive purposes that are perceived as so aggressive by the other side, that it starts an escalatory cycle,” he said. 

He even states that a US-Taiwan agreement may lead to stronger support for relations. “A US-Taiwan free-trade agreement would be a really strong signal of support in the relationship. And the US can deliver on its foreign military sales to Taiwan,” Daniels said. 

The United State’s commitment to protect Taiwan has become unclear to many. Some don’t have faith that the United States would help Taiwan if Beijing used force to gain control of them. 

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