Taliban Calls Emergency Meeting Over “Mass Starvation” Fears

Taliban Calls Emergency Meeting Over

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Taliban kicked-off official talks over the weekend during a meeting with western diplomats in Oslo, Norway. Representatives from the newly-formed government ask Western countries, including the US, to release nearly $10 billion in frozen assets. Afghanistan continues to suffer under the weight of a dire humanitarian crisis, as officials cannot provide for the people.

According to reports, Taliban delegate Shafiullah Azam spoke to many diplomats, imploring them not to punish Afghan citizens for the sake of political discourse. He urged them to unfreeze the monetary assets immediately.

The United Nations Helps The Taliban Administration

The United Nations says it has already provided some funding to the Taliban administration, allowing it to pay for imports such as electricity. However, representatives warn that an estimated 38 million Afghans live beneath its poverty line. The UN also says that more than 1 million children might go hungry if the newly-formed government fails to receive financial and humanitarian aid.

While Western powers acknowledge Afghanistan’s fragile state, their funding request comes with specific demands from certain countries that place women’s rights as the top agenda. Leaders also ask the Taliban administration to share government powers with minority, ethnic, and other religious groups.

Calls for equality and diversity come after widespread restrictions and “old social pressures” place women in danger after almost 20-plus years of living in a free society.

The Taliban’s Restrictions On Afghan Women

According to reports, Afghan women now face a bleak future. Restrictions on their ability to move freely and pursue happiness include:

  • No jobs or careers outside of education and health industries.
  • Education is restricted to a 6th-grade level.
  • Women must wear a hijab (face covering) at all times.
  • Young girls are prohibited from attending classes.
  • Without a male escort, women cannot travel alone, nor more than 72 kilometers (just over 44 miles).

The Taliban has also been criticized for the poor treatment of journalists and human rights advocacy groups, in some cases even beating members in public.

Many in the global community refuse to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government because of the way it consistently violates human rights — especially women. Others have steep concerns about organized terrorist plots from extremists.

According to a statement released by the US State Department back in December of 2021, Special Representative for Afghanistan Tom West plans to discuss specific issues with the Taliban representatives. He will closely focus on counterterrorism, security, the country’s economic and humanitarian crisis, human rights, women’s rights, access to education, and how the newly-formed government intends to help its people. The US will not consider releasing any money until they see traction on these concerns.

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