Taliban Might Get Seat on Women’s Commission

Taliban Might Get Seat on Women's Commission

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Taliban’s takeover of the Afghan government this month generated a myriad of questions over what’s to come of the Middle Eastern nation and its people. While Americans watch the US military scramble to evacuate citizens and Afghan refugees from the Kabul airport, others wonder if the rest of the world will recognize the Taliban as legitimate.

If the UN recognizes the extremist group as the official Afghan government, they could inherit a place on the UN Commission on the Status of Women. This is absolutely absurd given the group’s heinous treatment of females.

John Bolton Says it’s “Likely” the Taliban Gets a Seat at the UN

On Tuesday, August 24, the Washington Examiner published an exclusive interview with John Bolton, the former US ambassador to the UN. Bolton highlighted that incoming governments typically receive the same seat as the government before them, even if the new leadership used less-than-ideal means to come into power, as is the case with the Taliban.

Bolton confirmed that it’s “certainly possible” for the UN to deny the Taliban a seat at the table, but he said that’s unlikely as rejections are few and far between.

If the UN accepts the Taliban, they will inherit Afghanistan’s commission seats, including the nation’s spot on the Commission for the Status of Women. Secured in 2020, Afghanistan can serve on the commission “dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women” until 2025. However, this stands in stark contrast to how the totalitarian group actually treats women.

The Taliban’s Atrocious Treatment of Women

Over its history, the Taliban have repeatedly attacked girls’ schools, driven by the belief that women should not receive an education. The current regime has yet to announce whether or not it’ll allow girls to go to school, emphasizing that “scholars will decide” their fate.

Most believe any freedom for women this time around is unlikely given the Taliban’s history and recent reports of fighters shooting a woman in the street for not wearing her burqa.

In addition, multiple reports have acknowledged the extremists are forcing young girls and widows into marriages with Taliban fighters. The fundamentalist group recently told all women to stay home because their “security forces are not trained (in) how to deal with women.” That is, perhaps, the most ridiculous excuse the Taliban has used yet in their efforts to force women to stay home.

If Recognized, the Taliban May Have Even More “Responsibilities”

While the possibility of the Taliban earning a right on the UN Committee for Women is perhaps the greatest moment of irony our world has ever seen, they could also inherit a spot at the UNESCO agency- the group charged with protecting world heritage.

Moreover, the Taliban typically destroy most things around them that conflict with their archaic beliefs, such as its 2001 destruction of the 1500-year-old Buddha statues in Afghanistan’s Bamiyan Valley. In light of this and the atrocities committed against women, let’s hope the world recognizes the evil the Islamist group is capable of and refuses to acknowledge them as legitimate.

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