Taliban Now Says it Never Promised to Cut Ties With Terrorists After Biden’s Withdrawal

Taliban Now Says it Never Promised to Cut Ties With Terrorists After Biden's Withdrawal

(AmericanProsperity.com) – In the tumultuous Middle East, ties between different religious and ethnic groups can be formed or broken quite quickly. The Taliban is one such group that previously agreed to cut ties with al Qaeda during the Trump administration, but has now said it will do no such thing as US and NATO troops withdraw from the country.

During an interview on July 12 between Tolo News and Taliban leader Zabihullah Mujahid, the interviewer questioned the Taliban’s “relations” with al Qaeda. Tolo News emphasized that the 2020 peace agreement between the US and Taliban said they would cut ties with al Qaeda and other terrorist groups, however, recent events and reports from the US Treasury Department have detailed the two working together.

In response, Mujahid contradicted Tolo Nows, saying the “issue of relations” with terrorist groups is “not considered” in the agreement, and thus is not of importance to the discussion. He said the Taliban must ensure “no threat should be posed from Afghan soil to the US and its allies.” These two viewpoints are far from the intent and mutual understanding of the peace agreement.

One American was wary about the Taliban’s words, highlighting it’s likely the current US administration has given them the confidence to claim that they don’t need to cut ties with al Qaeda:

This flip-flopping from the Taliban is both terrifying and confusing. If these two powerful terrorist groups work together, there’s no telling what chaos they could cause in the Middle East and around the world.

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