Taxpayers Pay for Gender Confirming Surgery of Criminal

Taxpayers Pay for Gender Confirming Surgery of Criminal

Taxpayers Shoulder Cosmetic Surgery Bill For A Criminal

( – Regardless of what people think about others getting sex changes, there’s not much to complain over; the choice is up to the individual, who typically pays for their own surgery. Nonetheless, in this case, taxpayers are footing the bill, so there’s some room for concern. To top it off, the person undergoing the operation is a criminal.

Serving Time

After the court convicted and sentenced Peter Kevin Langan to two life sentences and an additional 35 years in separate cases, the bank robber spent two decades in a male correctional facility. Some years ago, Langan was one of the few transgender inmates who were able to transfer prisons, going from their cells in the male facilities to the female buildings of the Federal Medical Center located in Carswell, Texas.

Always Known

Despite being a convicted bank robber and a member of the Aryan Republican Army (ARA), 63-year-old ex-neo-Nazi, who now goes by “Donna,” claims they’d known their parents misidentified them as a boy since they were about 4 years old. After applying with the US Bureau of Prisons (BOP) for surgery and having the agency deny them, Langan filed a lawsuit. In the suit, the bank robber recalled living life in agony. The inmate filed a complaint with the BOP claiming they’d tried to get gender confirming surgeries for decades, namely vaginoplasty, and is once again trying.

The BOP Bites

Fox News reported on the BOP accelerating Langan’s surgery. That’s right, the federal agency will be paying for the ex-neo-Nazi’s gender confirmation surgery. The bureau mentioned it would pursue separate actions with the focus of satisfying the 63-year-old’s medical needs. The federal agency believes doing so will help fast-track the process of getting the surgery and follow-up care. According to the report, Langan sees no need for further litigation, adding everything seems to be heading in the right direction in a timely manner.

While it may not seem like a big deal, there are many taxpayers who’d argue their money could go toward something a little more useful, not to mention the surgery may go against some people’s beliefs. This isn’t some innocent person who suffers from gender dysphoria; this is a prison inmate with a history of crime and affiliation with a neo-Nazi group. No one’s saying they don’t deserve fair treatment, but most reasonable people would argue that forcing taxpayers to fund the surgery is outrageous.

Do you think this is something a federal prison should be doing? Is this a good use of taxpayer money?

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