Teacher Sues After Being Disciplined For Criticizing Curriculum

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(AmericanProsperity.com) – The Connecticut public schools system released an “Identity and Privilege” training which one teacher disagreed with and spoke out about. He was later disciplined for being outspoken by the school.

John Grande, a physical education teacher in Hartford is suing Hartford Public Schools for allegedly “fabricating” evidence to discipline him after he openly disagreed with this training. He worked at a Hartford public school for over 30 years and is claiming that the school system interfered with his First Amendment rights of Free Speech regarding the training.

The “Identity and Privilege” training was introduced in 2020, was done via Zoom, and claimed to be a part of their professional development.

The lawsuit stated that “Based on those prompts, Mr. Grande believed that the Privilege Presentation targeted a certain class of people, including him, and was an exercise in critical race theory, rather than one aimed at improving the education of students.”

Grande thinks that this training wasn’t for professional development as they had claimed, but rather a way to push critical race theory in school systems. The lawsuit claims that Grande felt that the “training” was trying to push beliefs and opinions while punishing teachers who had opposing views.

“They threatened my career to silence me, but with this lawsuit, I’m leveling the playing field and forcing school officials to answer for trampling my rights. They launched a witch hunt against me and ran a kangaroo court to convict me for exercising my free speech rights,” Grande said, regarding the school’s reaction to his statements.

Grande claims that the school system did not approve of his pushback against the training and so they constructed a disciplinary letter about Grande’s “inappropriate and unprofessional conduct,” regarding his opinions on the training in question.

Grande has taken it to the courts to level the playing field and get on the same level as the school system. His goal is to get the disciplinary action revoked and his name cleared for simply stating his opinions and disagreeing with what the “training” seemed to be implementing.

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