Ted Cruz Believes Voter Fraud Should Be Prosecuted

Ted Cruz Believes Voter Fraud Should Be Prosecuted

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The past few months showed that voter fraud seems to have run rampant this past election across many states and at many levels. But, numerous government officials turned a blind eye or ignored the issue. To help fight this enormous attack on our liberty, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently called for the prosecution of voter fraud.

On Saturday, December 19 at a Georgia rally, Cruz asked voters to defend the Constitution and support the prosecution of anyone who tried to tamper with our nation’s free and fair election process.

One America News (OAN) correspondent Jenn Pellegrino Cruz shared some statements with a video from the rally:

These statements came right after President Donald Trump retweeted the following status from Republican attorney Lin Wood:

Cruz appeals to Georgia’s conservative values and pride in our nation. Voters in the Peach State have another chance to secure the future of our country at the runoff election on January 5. Those two Senate seats could provide a GOP majority in the branch of Congress. Hopefully, Cruz was able to show the voters just what they’re fighting for.

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