Ted Cruz Blasts Republicans Who Dodge Culture Wars

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz blasted Republicans on Tuesday for trying to avoid culture wars and only focusing on reducing taxes. The GOP leader made these comments during a segment of his “Verdict” podcast when talking about some comments from another podcast of the New York Times.

It all started after Cruz praised the Daily Wire reporter Matt Walsh for the way he exposed some aspects of the so-called “trans ideology.” Walsh gained notoriety last week after Twitter CEO Elon Musk promoted his documentary “What is Woman?” While many liberals criticized this film, some conservatives and even moderate liberals said it did a great job exposing the radical left.

At one moment, Cruz said that the biggest merit of Walsh’s documentary was that the topic he got into was part of the culture wars that America is facing today. He then said that, unfortunately, the vast majority of Republicans want to avoid these culture wars at all costs. The Texas Senator even said these conservatives take this stance as they are “afraid of their own shadows.”

Cruz pointed out that not a single GOP political strategist would have made this type of documentary. He explained that the only conservatives that are getting into the culture wars and exposing the radical left are activists and journalists. Moreover, the Texas Senator mocked political strategists for being cowards and giving liberals a great advantage by refusing to get into these conflicts.

Finally, Cruz said that the New York Times acknowledged that the left knew that fighting in these Culture Wars was a “business model decision.” However, he said the right’s position is incredible and ironic, as he claimed that everyone involved “in the business model” is openly saying they don’t want to get near this. According to the Texas Senator, these conservatives believe this will simply go away by ignoring it, a stance he says the radical left will know how to capitalize on.

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