Teenager Gets Trafficked After School’s Bad Decision

Teenager Gets Trafficked After School's Bad Decision

(AmericanProsperity.com) – There’s been a lot of talk about the issue of woke schools pushing far-left agendas that have detrimental effects on children. These efforts are often blamed when a student transitions or identifies as a gender other than their biological sex — and subsequently hide the actions from their parents. This trend has reportedly led to nightmarish situations for some teenagers. One such case emerged out of Virginia’s Appomattox County schools.

Sage, whose last name is withheld for privacy reasons, is a 15-year-old girl who, because “everybody was doing it,” started identifying as a boy, according to National File. The teen was susceptible because she had prior trauma from losing her dad at a young age and having to live with her grandmother, who adopted her. Sage underwent therapy as a result. The schools she attended also provided notification when issues cropped up, so the grandmother could seek the appropriate help.

The child’s problems all allegedly came to a head when Sage joined the Appomattox County public school system. The school stopped notifying her guardian of issues, and records show she was treated as a transgender boy. The trauma she endured following the “transition,” and the school’s incompetence in handling the situation, led to her running away from home. From there, she was trafficked first to Washington, DC, and then to Maryland.

The courts treated Sage as a runaway instead of returning her to her family. They placed her in a children’s home, where she was then housed in male quarters because of her so-called identity choice and fell victim to even more assault.

Lawmakers are striving to ensure parents of any child who identifies as a gender other than their biological sex are notified and aware of such changes. Sage’s Law, also known as the Child Protection Act, would prevent school officials — including counselors — from withholding this information from a student’s guardians. It also clarifies that raising a child in a matter according to their sex at birth does not constitute child abuse.

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