Teenager Injured in Florida Drive-By Shooting Is Expected To Recover

Teenager Injured in Florida Drive-By Shooting Is Expected To Recover

Teenage Boy Falls Victim To Heinous Crime In Florida

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Crime is up in major cities across the US, much of it being violent and mindless. A Florida teenager recently became the victim of a drive-by shooting, adding to the senseless loss. The teen was part of a group walking on the sidewalk when the assailants struck.

The shooting occurred outside of Andrew Jackson High school on May 11. According to local news station News4Jax, a light-colored SUV pulled up to the group when a person in the vehicle began firing multiple shots. The 17-year-old teen was the only person they hit.

Lieutenant Mike Silcox of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office noted the teen’s injuries were severe but that he was in stable condition and expected to recover. Silcox mentioned the 17-year-old ran back into the school after suffering a gunshot wound, prompting an onlooker to call 911.

According to the local station, a friend of the teen confirmed the 17-year-old was a student at the school, but they had undergone surgery and were currently in recovery. After the incident, Andrew Jackson High School went into lockdown, though authorities eventually sent the students home.

Greg Burton, Duval County School Board Police Chief, made sure there was extra security to protect the students the day following the shooting and told News4Jax that they were going to conduct bag searches. The principal, Truitte Moreland, asserted the school would be restricting AP testing and that enhanced security would remain in place indefinitely.

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