Teens Attack 67-Year-Old Man in NYC

Teens Attack 67-Year-Old Man in NYC

(AmericanProsperity.com) – What has the world come to? It seems that everywhere people look, the news is covering another assault. Self-defense training is no longer something people want; it’s something they need. One 67-year-old man in New York City (NYC) likely wishes he had taken such classes.

NYC is currently experiencing a surge in crime. Unfortunately, older people are often the victims of attacks as they’re typically easier targets. The following altercation occurred at a bus stop in East Flatbush after a group of teens yelled at the senior citizen.

As the B6 Bus security footage shows, a woman attempted to keep the teens separated from the man, expressing that the youths needed to get off the bus. The 67-year-old then walked away before turning around and moving in the direction of the door. At that moment, one of the teens threw an item at the man, who rushed off the bus.

The man faced one of the teens, who pulled out a hammer once off the bus. The group quickly surrounded the senior citizen and began beating him, all of them swinging, even the one with the hammer. A woman yelled at the teens that they were going to kill the man as others cried in the background. The video cut out just as a teen went to kick the prone man from behind.

Thankfully, the attacked only suffered minor injuries and a cut on his head from the hammer; his outcome certainly could’ve been deadly. Worst of all, no one attempted to help the man or call 911 during the course of the attack.

A spokeswoman for the New York Police Department released a statement indicating they didn’t know the identity of the suspects and they have not made any arrests.

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