Tennessee Police Make Arrests in Terrifying Undercover Drug Bust

Tennessee Police Make Arrests in Terrifying Undercover Drug Bust

Police Crack Down On The Drug War

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Crime has been on the rise in recent years, and with criminals getting better at hiding their crimes, many authorities are going undercover. The practice is nothing new, but it remains pretty effective. Police in Tennessee recently used the tactic to bust drug dealers in Nashville.

According to Fox News, the undercover operation resulted in the arrest of three men: Michael Terry, 26; Khalil Smith, 26; and Nesean Thompson, 22. Authorities arrested the trio after they sold undercover officers a “white powdery substance” for $200, as stated by the report.

Fox News added that Nashville Police also confiscated 22 grams of the same substance, which they disclosed tested positive for cocaine combined with fentanyl. Nashville’s Public Health Department has been on high alert due to a rash of fentanyl-related drug overdoses.

Officers also discovered a firearm, an undisclosed amount of cash, 21 grams of marijuana, and 23 bars of Xanax.

Smith was illegally possessing the firearm due to a felony conviction in 2020, leading to a $100,000 bond. Authorities set Terry’s bond at $15,000. Thompson, who was wanted on six aggravated assault warrants in connection with a shooting that occurred on April 24, received a bond of $377,500.

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