The Army’s Vaccination Rate Is Almost 100% at This Point

The Army's Vaccination Rate Is Almost 100% at This Point

COVID Tyrants Strike Again!

( – Despite the pandemic seemingly coming to an end, as well as the fact that the inoculation only reduces a person’s chance of contracting COVID-19, the US government is still urging Americans to get the vaccine. The pushback from many Americans has been heavy. Still, the US Army recently bragged that it is near a 100% vaccination rate.

Fox News recently released the report, which also mentions the military branch has issued 3,411 reprimands for soldiers who’ve refused to get the vaccine. They claim they’re currently at a 97% vaccination rate, on their way to 98%, citing more soldiers still need to complete their booster regimes.

In August 2021, the Pentagon announced a vaccine mandate for America’s armed services, allowing each branch to set its own deadline. The Army set December 15, 2021 as the deadline for soldiers to either start the vaccine regime or the process of obtaining exemptions. The branch’s final deadline that soldiers must be fully vaccinated or exempt by is June 30, 2022.

Fox News mentioned the reported numbers are only for active-duty members, explaining the branch no longer reports numbers for their reserves or National Guard. Both have seen severe backlash from certain states, so officials have gone as far as threatening to withhold pay and suspend members from training in an effort to coerce them into getting the vaccine.

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