The Battle for American Education

The Battle for American Education

( – From kindergarten to colleges and universities, our public schools are central to American education. They supply childcare to families while employing educators, administrators, custodians, and many more occupations. Not to mention, they’re critical to a child’s healthy development as well.

However, all of that only happens when public schools are open and the government is currently split on how — and if — they should reopen.

CDC Currently Hopes for Online Learning

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) released an assessment of the risks associated with opening schools in May. The report is separated into three categories with the lowest being complete virtual learning. A higher-risk solution would allow in-person classes to resume while students wear mandated face coverings, maintain social distancing precautions, and do not share objects. The final option is to go back to the way things were pre-coronavirus.

Dr. Robert R. Redfield, Director of the CDC, advised and encouraged teachers and school staff on July 7 during the White House’s National Dialogue on Safely Reopening America’s Schools:

The Trump Administration’s Case for Reopening

With all of that said, the CDC met harsh criticism from President Trump on Twitter:

Shortly after, President Trump threatened to “cut off funding if not open” for schools that choose to remain closed. In step with the President’s opinion, Vice President Mike Pence said on Wednesday, July 8, that the CDC would issue new tools and documents for school re-opening early next week after the President’s harsh criticism.

This critique of the CDC’s strict guidelines stems from a desire to keep America’s economy, development, and workforce intact.

The American Academy of Pediatrics President, Dr. Sally Goza, also recommended for “students physically present in school this fall if at all possible.” Dr. Sean O’Leary, an infectious disease expert, says that the mental and social health of many students is suffering as they remain locked out of the classroom.

As the struggle over social distancing, indoor meetings, and mandated masks continue on, Americans must strike the balance between mental health and physical health; not only for ourselves, but for future generations.

Throughout this time, the Trump administration continues to defer much of the educational decisions to the state and local level, as is directed by the US Constitution. Holding fast to American ideals, freedom of choice, and an incredible education provided to all citizens, the hopeful reopening of schools could be a huge step to recovering our economy and the American way of life.

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