The Battle for the Senate

The Battle for the Senate

( – In 2018, Republicans lost their majority in the House of Representatives but successfully held the Senate. Now, as the 2020 election ramps up, holding the Senate majority is more crucial than ever in order to protect America’s hard-earned freedoms.

Understanding the Majority

Right now, Republicans have a 53-47 majority in the Senate. If the Democrats can flip three seats and win the White House, or flip four seats, they’d have a simple majority. In the first scenario, the vice president would be the tiebreaker. While that would not allow them to hit the 60 votes needed to pass most bills, the majority could still approve judicial appointments.

Finding the Battleground States

This year, there are 23 GOP seats up for reelection, but only 12 Democrat slots. Here are some hot spots to keep an eye on.

Most believe Alabama will flip back to Republican hands this year. Democrat Doug Jones was elected in 2017 when GOP incumbent Roy Moore faced sexual misconduct press during the election cycle.

In Michigan, Republican candidate John James may boot Senator Gary Peters out of office. The state voted for Trump in 2016, though it’s unknown how it’ll vote in November.

Colorado, Maine, North Carolina, and Arizona are the other battleground states that currently have a Republican Senator facing strong opposition from the Democrats.

Colorado’s recent history shows a strong leftward push. It voted Democrat in the past three presidential elections and flipped its own state senate in 2018.

In North Carolina, an unprecedented amount of money has been spent on this Senate election cycle. Cal Cunningham, the Democratic candidate, raised just over $15 million. Comparatively, Republican incumbent Thom Tillis has raised $14.3 million. By November, this Senate race may be the most expensive in US history.

In Maine, Republican Senator Susan Collins fights to defend the seat she’s held since 1997. Her track record doesn’t show a cohesive alliance with either party’s ideals, so this election may be left up to the independents.

Our democratic republic encourages each citizen to vote to ensure their voice is heard in the most powerful rooms in the nation. If you want to help America secure its freedom, it’s up to you to exercise your right to vote in November.

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