The Democratic Establishment Strikes Back

The Democratic Establishment Strikes Back

( – After losing the first three states in the Democratic race for president, former Vice President Joe Biden won 9 of 14 states on Super Tuesday and is leading in another.

As a result of Biden’s historic comeback, he temporarily leads in the delegate count over Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

As of late Wednesday morning, Biden had 453 delegates and Sanders had 382. It will require 1,991 delegates to win the Democratic nomination.

On Sunday and Monday, moderate candidates Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) suspended their campaigns and immediately supported Biden. Together, they formed an anti-Sanders coalition to consolidate moderate Democratic voters on Super Tuesday.

It worked.

On Tuesday night, Biden said to his supporters that his campaign is alive and taking off.

The Race Is Now Between Two Candidates

Tuesday’s race showed that voters were split between Biden and Sanders, the two front-runners who are neck and neck.

Democratic voters barely considered billionaire and former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg or Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Bloomberg spent more than $500 million dollars on his campaign. His only time on the ballot was Super Tuesday where he was only able to win American Samoa and a total of 44 delegates.

Due to his dismal performance, Bloomberg dropped out of the race on Wednesday morning and immediately supported Biden.

Warren didn’t perform much better. She failed to win a single state and lost her home state of Massachusetts — coming in a dismal fourth place. She later suspended her campaign on Thursday.

The Democratic race is now between Biden and Sanders.

Democrats Have a Real Choice

Democrats now have a choice between a moderate and a far-left socialist candidate.

Sanders wants the government to spend nearly $100 trillion over ten years rehauling how America works. His ideas include:

  • Major taxes, regulations, and forced government lifestyle changes through the New Green Deal to curtail climate change
  • Free Medicare-for-All healthcare
  • Free college
  • Total elimination of college loan debt

Sanders has been at war with establishment Democrats saying it’s time for a political revolution in the United States.

Biden is a former US Senator and Vice President to Barack Obama. His 40-plus years in national politics makes him the epitome of the establishment. Biden has said Sanders’ plans are unrealistic and too expensive and that Americans don’t want socialism. On healthcare, Biden wants to fix Obamacare and provide a public option without getting rid of private health insurance.

On Tuesday, Democrats voted and supported the establishment candidate.

The war is now on for the future of the Democratic Party.

For Republicans and conservatives, it ought to be a fascinating and entertaining show to watch through the summer convention.

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