The EU is Getting a New Leadership Team Soon

( – European diplomats have started negotiations on who will take over the main jobs at the European Union after the next election. Voters across the EU are heading to the election polls at the beginning of June to choose who will run the European Parliament.

The top EU jobs aren’t directly elected but they have a huge impact when it comes to policy making, which impacts over four hundred million people in their region. Diplomats are looking at the top three big institutions including the European Commission, the European Council, and the European Parliament.

Three officials, who didn’t want to be named, have said that the most likely scenario in their opinion will be that Ursula von der Leyen will remain as the current president of the European Commission. Ursula started her role five years ago when French President Emmanuel Macron decided to volunteer her for the top of the European Commission.

“Von der Leyen has a lot of support from European heads of state,” one of the three officials said. They added that Macron hasn’t shown his support for Ursula to stay in her position and that he’s leaving room for negotiations. It’s been reported that Macron has even been thinking of returning the previous ECB president, Mario Draghi, back into EU politics.

Opinion polls for the region have shown that Von der Leyen’s party, the Conservative European People’s Party at the EU Parliament is likely to win the EU elections.

The three officials said that if Von der Leyen continues as president, then they expect a member of the European Commission to lead the European Council.

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