The Final Whistle: Tom Brady’s Surprising Retirement Announcement

The Final Whistle: Tom Brady's Surprising Retirement Announcement

( – Do you remember when Tom Brady retired in 2022? If so, you probably also remember when he changed his mind two months later. Now he’s announced that he’s hanging up his helmet again — and this time it’s permanent.

On February 1 Brady called an end to one of the longest careers in NFL history when he posted a video announcing his retirement. For many fans this probably brought on a bout of deja vu. Brady previously said he was retiring in January 2022, only to decide in March that he had “realized [his] place is still on the field” and “That time will come. But it’s not now.”

Now, just over a year later, Brady has decided the time is now. Admitting, “you only get one super-emotional retirement essay” and he’d already used his, the Tampa Buccaneers star said he “figured [he’d] just press record” and went straight into the announcement.

Reacting to his son’s decision, Tom Brady Sr. told the Boston Globe that he wasn’t surprised. He pointed out that it’s been a hard year for Brady, who finalized his divorce from model Gisele Bündchen last October. Life has also been tough on the field, with his 23rd and last NFL season also the only one in which he’s posted eight losses. Tom Brady Jr. said the bad run was “not very fun” and wasn’t something he’d had to face before.

Brady has had an impressive career. He made his name playing 20 seasons with the New England Patriots before moving to Tampa in 2019. He holds most of the major quarterback records and is the only person to be the Super Bowl’s Most Valued Player for two different franchises. The football legend has the most Pro Bowl selections and is the only quarterback to win a Super Bowl in three separate decades. His playing days might be over, but he announced last year that he has a deal to become an analyst with Fox Sports after his retirement, so we haven’t yet seen the last of Tom Brady.

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