The Mandela Effect: Your False Memories

The Mandela Effect: Your False Memories

( – Many people say hindsight is 20/20, but science has proven that isn’t quite true. In 2009, researchers coined the term Mandela Effect to describe a phenomenon that occurs when a group of people recall a false memory they all believe is true, despite evidence to the contrary.

The Mandela Effect was named as such after a paranormal consultant named Fiona Broome created a website of her memories surrounding the death of Nelson Mandela that she believed took place in prison in the 1980s. However, the South African president was actually alive at the time and did not pass away until 2013.

Similarly, many car enthusiasts think of the Ford logo and do not remember it always having the stylized “F” at the start of it. Instead, many people think it was a more basic font that was recently changed. However, the Ford logo has always had the same curvy wave atop its first letter.

Another common misconception is about a marvelous children’s book named The Berenstein Bears. However, those countryside bears are actually called the Berenstain (with an “a”) Bears after their creators Stan and Jan Berenstain. So, next time you talk about these fuzzy creatures, make sure you do justice to their authors!

Fermilab’s Dr. Don Lincoln does a great job explaining this odd phenomenon:

These are just a few examples of the Mandela Effect, though there are countless others that potentially leave us with false memories every day.

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