The Reality of Medicare for All

The Reality of Medicare for All

( – No one could have predicted how hard COVID-19 was going to impact the United States and the rest of the world. People with good healthcare plans faced less risk than those without, and they certainly had the ability to seek out professional medical help when they did. Not everyone was so lucky, leading to a proposal to alter the US healthcare system called Medicare for All.

Under the proposal, Medicare wouldn’t be available to just citizens or permanent residents who are 65 or older; it would become an option for all American citizens. Medicare doesn’t directly provide healthcare, but it does pay associated costs for anyone the program covers. There wouldn’t be any change to the healthcare industry, just the insurance companies looking to make money from people and their suffering.

According to Harvard Medical School Doctor Adam Gaffney, people without insurance are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19. The black American community and other minorities were hit harder by the pandemic, likely due to a lack of insurance. Medicare for All would change that, giving everyone in the US access to affordable healthcare. No longer would people have to decide whether they could meet the expense of a visit to the doctor or hospital.

The problem with such a program being available to every US citizen is ultimately the cost. Taxpayers would have to foot the bill. Would the expense be worth it to see everyone covered?

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