“The View” Says Biden Shouldn’t Go On Fox News

(AmericanProsperity.com) – President Joe Biden broke the longstanding tradition of being interviewed before the Super Bowl after negotiations with Fox News failed, according to NBC News. Not appearing for an interview at all, however, was encouraged by the hosts of “The View,” who went as far as to say that the game should not even air on the news network, according to The Daily Caller.  

Co-host Joy Behar said had said that the outlet wrongly peddled narratives that Biden did not win the 2020 election and said that those who work there are liars. Co-host Sunny Hostin reiterated her colleague’s comments and said that the president received more views, around 27 million, at the State of the Union, and does not need to “normalize the misinformation network” that will only garner about 20 million. 

Fox News’ Shannon Bream of Bret Baier were reportedly proposed by the network to interview the president. But the White House did not like either option and instead decided that Biden will do the interview with Fox Soul, the lesser-known streaming channel. 

Hostin had accused both Bream and Baier of working for a network that peddles conspiracy theories and denies elections. Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin appeared more sympathetic to the situation, saying that Biden had a responsibility to represent all Americans, noting Baier’s interviews with those on the left like Barack Obama. 

Griffin also mentioned that a big problem with the political climate today is that people are in their own echo chambers, so it would be wrong to sit out an interview. She recalled the inaugural address when Biden said he will speak to all Americans and said that that is what he should do before the Super Bowl. 

The negotiations, however, did not work out and after some confusion, the interviews were canceled altogether, according to NBC News.  

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