There’s a First Time for Everything — Including This

There's a First Time for Everything — Including This

( – During 2020, we’ve seen a steep rise in overall gun sales as Americans choose to exercise their Second Amendment right and protect themselves. However, new research shows some interesting information about just who — and why — these guns were purchased.

According to a survey done by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), 2.5 million new gun owners purchased firearms in the first six months of 2020. Interestingly, 40% of the first-time owners from January to April 2020 were female, the majority of which purchased them for personal protection.

It’s expected that 80% of handguns and 74% of shotguns sold are for personal protection. Some have speculated as to the reason.

People who previously did not see a need for a firearm are now purchasing one. This cultural shift clearly shows the average American’s desire to exercise our 2A rights in order to ensure the safety of ourselves, our families, and our futures.

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