These Retailers Want Mandatory Masks

These Retailers Want Mandatory Masks

( – As debates rage over mask regulations, the enforcers of these rules vary. In some cities, police are being asked to enforce mask laws; in others, retail employees bear the brunt of dealing with differing opinions and compliances regarding mask rules.

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) represents many large businesses such as Best Buy, Lowe’s, Target, Dollar General, Walgreens, and Gap Inc. In a letter sent on July 6, they asked the National Governors Association (NGA) to “require consumers who are not encumbered by a medical condition to wear masks when shopping in public spaces.” The NGA is chaired by Governors Lawrence Hogan, Jr. of Maryland and Andrew Cuomo of New York

While many stores mandate masks being worn inside, in most places this rule can only be enforced by the store. By asking states to mandate the masks, RILA hopes retail employees will face less frustration and backlash when asking customers to wear a mask.

But, as states grapple with whether or not to mandate that people wear masks, there is push back. Some Texas sheriffs and even the Mayor of Sacramento will not enforce their Governor’s executive order to wear masks in public, saying that it is impossible and inappropriate to enforce these policies.

As new orders and laws are put on the books, America must also consider who we are asking to enforce them. Businesses should take responsibility for what they are asking of their customers. At the same time, citizens must also understand what they are asking of their police force with enforcing mask orders. Balancing safety and freedom is never easy, but we must work together to find a way to beat this pandemic.

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