They’re Calling Ron DeSantis The Enemy

( – Pro-Trump PAC Make America Great Again blasted Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on Wednesday, hours before announcing his presidential bid for 2024. In a new advertisement, the group criticized DeSantis for being against the “America First” agenda while he was representing Florida as a Congressman.

In the spot, which was posted on the group’s Twitter account, the PAC claimed that former President Donald Trump protected Social Security benefits and DeSantis didn’t. It also said that the Florida Governor was a “swamp creature” who always voted to cut these programs and harm many Americans. Additionally, the spot shows a video of a leaked debate preparation footage, where DeSantis says he voted “contrary to Trump” in the House of Representatives.

The advertisement also claims that while the former president built over 400 miles of border wall, the Florida Governor voted against its funding. It added that DeSantis backed a US national sales tax and Trump managed to cut taxes with his Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Finally, the Make America Great Again PAC concludes its advertisement by saying that Trump “is the only candidate ready.”

While the advertisement said it wasn’t endorsed by the former president, it has already become viral and many Trump supporters are sharing it. The video was released a couple of hours before the Florida Governor officially announced his presidential bid.

So far, Trump remains as the main favorite to win the GOP nomination since he holds a massive popularity among conservatives. In fact, a CNN survey revealed he currently has 53 percent of support from Republican-leaning independents and GOP voters. This is a larger number than DeSantis’ 26 percent, which could eventually increase as many undecided voters would probably support him. However, it would be difficult for the Florida Governor to beat the former president, who also has a 7-point lead over President Biden, according to different polls.

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