This Candidate Supports the Police — So Radical Leftists Assaulted His Event

This Candidate Supports the Police -- So Radical Leftists Assaulted His Event

Radical Leftists Go BERSERK At GOP Governor’s Campaign Rally

( – The call from Democrats to defund the police and the rioting of 2020 are still fresh in the minds of people across America. The issue became a hot topic among Republicans and Democrats during the election cycle, and it remains a matter of debate despite many Democratic leaders realizing how important law enforcement officers are. A Republican gubernatorial candidate for Oregon, Stan Pulliam, recently learned there are plenty of people still against re-funding the police.

That’s right, Antifa is at it once again. Almost brings back memories, doesn’t it? Of course, for those seeking a peaceful protest or community, Antifa brings back nothing but horrible images. A number of Republican volunteers gathered at an event to support Pulliam and his anti-crime stance in Portland, Oregon.

Despite children and elderly people attending the event, the activist group assaulted volunteers with smoke grenades, fireworks, and balloons full of paint. Police weren’t able to make it in time, which Pulliam attributes to the lack of law enforcement in Portland. Officials admitted they had watched the situation but had little manpower available, and as a result, authorities arrived too late to hold anyone accountable despite the event taking place near their headquarters. According to police, two people suffered injuries.

Perhaps the incident will help Pulliam’s campaign and highlight the need for more officers. Due to the lack of authorities in the area, Antifa essentially got away with their stunt.

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