This RINO Announces Retirement

This RINO Announces Retirement

( – Michigan is losing a Republican congressman who many feel hasn’t represented his state in a long time. Representative Fred Upton, first elected in 1986, will join three other GOPers who voted for former President Donald Trump’s impeachment in the Republican In Name Only (RINO) retirement pasture.

Upton, one of the 10 US representatives on the right who sided with the Democrat witch hunt against a sitting president, came out publicly in support of removing Trump from office. The Left used the misguided Republicans to solidify its claims of a coup rather than looking into election integrity.

House Republicans overwhelmingly disagreed with Upton, voting 192-10 in their caucus against impeachment. Trump said, “four down, six to go,” according to Reuters. The Michigan lawmaker faced an already difficult uphill battle against a candidate endorsed by the former president when state redistricting put Upton in another GOP incumbent’s district. Trump immediately endorsed the would-be opponent, Representative Bill Huizenga.

Upton’s district lies on the shore of Lake Michigan and extends close to, but doesn’t quite reach, the suburban areas around Grand Rapids, engulfing the Republican-heavy Kalamazoo. His constituents overwhelmingly voted to re-elect Trump. Voting in favor of impeachment was, therefore, an egregious error in judgment on his part. With the district’s favorite endorsing someone else, it doesn’t seem surprising that Upton would bow out as gracefully as possible.

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