Thousands of Cattle Dead After Tragedy Strikes Central America

Thousands of Cattle Dead After Tragedy Strikes Central America

Natural Disaster DEVASTATES Central American Ranchers

( – Farmers are already facing difficult conditions with the price of fuel and fertilizer launching through the roof. Now, cattle farmers in Kansas must face another challenge: overcoming the deaths of thousands of head of cattle. The mass die-offs come as the central US deals with an extreme heatwave.

Reuters reported that at least 2,000 cattle have succumbed to the extreme heat and humidity currently cooking Kansas and other states. That figure is based on the number of bodies farmers have asked the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to accommodate for disposal. The weather-related deaths are putting farmers in a pinch as they’d already reduced their herd sizes due to feed costs and drought.

With temperatures in Kansas reaching 108ºF, in combination with high humidity levels, cows are overheating. Evening temperatures have been staying in the 80s, so the animals can’t dissipate the heat overnight. According to reports, it’s only going to get hotter for Kansas, though experts and farmers believe the lower relative humidity and stronger winds ahead will help cows stay cooler and, more importantly, alive.

AgWeb believes there could be more than 10,000 dead cattle in Kansas alone. A similar situation is unfolding in Nebraska, one of the nation’s largest cattle producers, where the number of dead cattle surpasses the 10,000 mark. The impact will almost certainly put stress on farmers as they lose revenue, possibly resulting in added increases to retail prices.

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