Three Patriot Front Members Arrested for Terrorism – Others Not Charged

Three Patriot Front Members Arrested for Terrorism - Others Not Charged

( – The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ) recently arrested a trio of alleged criminals. Authorities are accusing the three defendants of conspiring to commit an act of terror. There were others involved in the plot, so why weren’t they arrested as well?

Three Musketeers

Unlike the popular candy bar, there’s nothing sweet about these three people who plotted to attack power grids across the United States. A press release from the DOJ details how 20-year-old Christopher Cook, 24-year-old Jonathan Allen, and 22-year-old Jackson Sawall planned to use rifles and attack several regional substations with the intention of causing civil unrest and potentially a race war.

All three men the report named admitted to furthering white-supremacist beliefs, conspiring in a plot to attack energy facilities to damage the US economy, and working to divide the country further. Court documents show Cook and Frost met in autumn 2019 via an online group chat, where Frost discussed attacking power grids. Over the next few months, the pair convinced Sawall to join their cause after spreading books containing information on neo-Nazism and white supremacy.

The federal government detailed how the trio of alleged domestic terrorists was ready to die for their cause. Authorities explained how Frost gave the other two “suicide necklaces,” which contained lethal doses of fentanyl designed for the defendants to take in case law enforcement caught them.

According to the DOJ, Sawall swallowed the suicide pill during a traffic stop, but he ultimately survived. Despite the scare with law enforcement and his failed suicide attempt, Frost continued to travel with Cook.

Busting Involved Parties

According to the FBI, Cook, Frost, and Sawall weren’t the only people involved in the villainous plot to destroy substations, disrupt the power grid, and incite unrest. However, for some reason, authorities only arrested the three defendants. If there were others involved, why didn’t the FBI arrest them as well? Wouldn’t they want to put an end to the domestic terrorist group as they claim it to be? Better yet, who were the others involved in this plot?

Conservative news source The Gateway Pundit (TGP) believes federal agents may have been involved in the plot, which helped uncover its players. The TGP even goes as far as to claim the individuals may have been part of what appears to be a government-sponsored group known as the Patriot Front.

Oddly enough, court documents show how Cook and Sawall spray-painted a Swastika with the words “Join the front.” Possibly referring to the Patriot Front? Could the US government be creating extremist groups to arrest Americans? TGP seems to think so, and it does look suspicious that only certain individuals went to jail.

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