Tim Allen Triggers A Leftist Meltdown

Tim Allen Get's Attacked Over Christmas Joke

Tim Allen Get’s Attacked Over Christmas Joke

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Comedian Tim Allen made his “The Santa Clause” debut in 1994. Critics gave the movie a moderately lukewarm reception, but it contained enough holiday charm to greenlight two sequels. Twenty-eight years after first stepping into the role, Allen agreed to reprise his rendition of jolly, old St. Nick for the Disney+ miniseries “The Santa Clauses.” Instead of celebrating this fun, new way to get into the Christmas spirit, some viewers are slamming the show over one of its jokes.

In one of the early episodes, the New York Post shares that Allen’s character becomes flustered over the ultra-liberal response to “merry Christmas to all!” As an icon of the season, Santa takes a personal affront that the phrase “has suddenly become problematic.” Some members of the Left apparently took issue with the dialog and the underlying cultural concept.

Filmmaker and former critic Scott Weinberg started one of the Twitter frays.

He called the line “a low-key effort to vilify anyone who doesn’t celebrate” Christmas.
While he received some support for his woke stance, many responders came to defend the holiday and its seasonal greeting. Numerous users made it a point to express “Merry Christmas” in their posts.

Studio executive Jack Burditt told Deadline that he had gone back and forth on the line with the understanding that some people might take offense. But ultimately, “The Santa Clauses” is a family show meant to have some tongue-in-cheek moments. Burditt shares, “I just think [it’s] silly, but then I’m like, I don’t know….”

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