Tips on Sending Children to Fly Alone

( – Sending your child on a flight alone can be nerve-wracking and scary. Flights let children as young as five years old fly alone, but here are some tips that can help you make the process easier for both of you.

First, you should check the airline policies on minors who fly accompanied, what they need, and how you can prepare them. Some airlines will charge a fee for children under thirteen, which allows them to board and leave early while being escorted by the flight attendants. Some airlines don’t allow children under fifteen to travel alone at all.

Getting your child prepared and familiar with what’s going to happen can help them to go in confidently. Let them know when they’ll be leaving and arriving, tell them what to do on the flight, who will walk them through, and who will be waiting at the airport to pick them up. Going to the airport the day before can also allow you to show them where they’ll go and to get familiar with the area.

Always set up contact information for the child and give them information to take in case of an emergency, someone can contact you. Be sure to pack essentials in their carry-on that you know they’ll love and use while on the flight. A pillow, sweatshirt, blanket, book, tablet, or any other item that your child can utilize while on the flight. Having a tablet or some kind of device that they can use to watch downloaded movies can help them pass the time. Be sure to download everything your child would want to watch before the flight to avoid needing Wi-Fi.

Children flying solo isn’t uncommon but following these tips, making sure your child is prepared, and getting a flight that’s beneficial for your child will make things much easier.

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