Tobacco on the Downfall, But Big Tobacco to Reserve Trend?!

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( – In recent years, the number of tobacco users has dropped immensely and the World Health Organization recently confirmed that on Monday.

Over the last years, statistics showed that one in five adults were smokers or consumed other tobacco products, but in 2000 there were one in three adults who consumed tobacco products of some sort.

The WHO recently gave us a look into trends of tobacco use in adults from the years 2000 to 2030, and it showed that 150 countries had reduced the amount of tobacco use in their countries.

Even though this report shows a decrease in smokers, there is still a danger of deaths related to tobacco. The WHO cautioned that more than 8 million people are expected to have tobacco-related deaths including over a million who are exposed to second-hand smoke.

The report stated that “Countries implementing strong tobacco control measures can expect to wait about 30 years between turning the prevalence rate from increasing to decreasing and seeing an associated turnaround in the number of deaths due to tobacco.”

The number of smokers has shrunk steadily over time, but the WHO reported that we will still miss our goal of having a 30% drop in tobacco usage from 2010 to 2025. However, five countries are supposed to hit that target and one of those countries is Brazil, which dropped its tobacco usage by 35 percent, showing that they’ve completely changed the way tobacco usage in their country is.

With the World Health Organization fighting against tobacco, the big tobacco companies are pushing their agenda more to make more sales and distribute to more people, instead of fewer people.

Ruediger Krech, director of WHO’s health promotion department said, “I’m astounded at the depths the tobacco industry will go to pursue profits at the expense of countless lives.”

He continued, “We see that the minute a government thinks they have won the fight against tobacco, the tobacco industry seizes the opportunity to manipulate health policies and sell their deadly products.”

They ended their statements by talking about the importance of looking into adolescents who may be using tobacco products. Studying their behavior on tobacco products and smokeless tobacco products can help to combat the tobacco industry in the future.

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