Tom Cotton Says Trump Is the New Ronald Reagan

Tom Cotton Says Trump Is the New Ronald Reagan

( – US Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke in an interview ahead of his March 7 speech at the Ronald Reagan Library in California. The potential 2024 Republican candidate for president was the latest in a series of GOP members speaking at the library. Cotton mentioned similarities between the renowned Reagan and the recent President Donald Trump during his interview.

The Arkansas Senator noted that Trump and Reagan each share common roots in the Republican Party. The senator’s claim ultimately disrupts the idea that Reagan and Trump are polar opposites in the GOP.

As the Wall Street Journal reported, Cotton noted Reagan understood what all members of the GOP should, that they are elected to defend the prosperity and freedom of the American people while also protecting them as individuals. The Republican added that both Reagan and Trump followed that tradition.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out the fact that both Reagan and Trump were formally Democrats before they decided to run for president. The two former presidents were also in the entertainment business before entering politics. The news outlet noted that, additionally, both Trump and Reagan battled party opposition to earn the Republican nomination.

Cotton described the Reagan-Trump tradition of the Republican Party as Jacksonian, referring to President Andrew Jackson’s populist views. The senator noted that tradition is the heartbeat of the modern-day GOP, asserting his party is for the common man, standing for law and order, high wages, good jobs, military strength and sanity in their culture wars.

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