Tom Hanks Reveals Secret Gift From Tom Cruise He Gets Every Year

Tom Hanks Reveals Secret Gift From Tom Cruise He Gets Every Year

( – Sometimes the fun of receiving a gift is the element of surprise. You have a parcel, and you don’t know what’s inside. What will be revealed when you tear off the paper and look inside? It’s exciting. Other times, though, you know exactly what’s coming — and sometimes that can be just as much of a thrill.

On January 19, Hollywood star Tom Hanks appeared on the popular YouTube channel Mythical Kitchen to talk about what he’d like to have as his last meal. The actor talked through his selections, starting with French toast — host Josh teasing him for specifying sugar-free syrup on the last meal of his life — and moving on to an In-N-Out Double Double with Diet Coke. From there, he would have a Greek salad with pita bread and taramasalata, washing it down with a Diet Dr Pepper. As final menu choices go, he had an interesting and eclectic selection, but the last item really grabbed the audience’s attention.

Hanks chose to finish off his last meal with a slice of white chocolate coconut Bundt cake, but he added that this cake was a once-a-year treat. By a happy coincidence, he never “order[s] it. It arrives as a gift at Christmas.” The actor revealed that, every year, he receives this special cake as a gift from fellow actor Tom Cruise.

According to Hanks, the staff members at his production studio have grown to love the annual Bundt cake, keenly anticipating its arrival. He said that from Thanksgiving on, his team starts checking the mail for “the big box… Are we getting what is essentially being called the Tom Cruise cake?”

The problem with a cake, however large, is that it only has so many slices in it — but, Hanks says, people try to defy that reality. He said that as the remaining cake gets smaller, “everybody starts slicing thinner and thinner slices.” Because math proves that if you keep halving something you’ll never reach zero, he joked, “You will never run out of Tom Cruise’s cake.” We’re not sure that particular piece of math applies to cake, but Hanks doesn’t need to worry. Next Christmas, Cruise will send him another one.

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