Top Democrat CANCELS Event Mysteriously – As Rumors Swirl!

Kathy Hochul Ditches Presser After the Debate

Kathy Hochul Ditches Presser After the Debate

( – New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) took on Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) in the fight for the state’s leadership position on October 26. During the debate, Hochul defended her revolving-door jail policies, shifting the blame for high violent crime rates on lax gun policies. She promised further discussion on her views and plans to make New York safe, but when the time came for her scheduled Q&A session, the governor was nowhere to be found.

Jen Goodman, Hochol’s campaign spokesperson, told the waiting reporters they would need to seek out the governor at a different event across town if they wanted to ask their questions. The spokesperson later changed her story, telling the press a “security threat” required Hochul to cancel.

The New York Post reported seeing one protester on the scene, but the person was well-dressed and quiet, and no one had so much as requested they leave. The activist had a sign that asked the governor to sign into law legislation passed in May, the Foreclosure Abuse Prevention Act.

Hochul continued to ditch the press after her later engagement, which took place in Manhattan, despite promises she would address any further questions there. The governor reportedly turned away reporters from the New York Post and four other news organizations at that event.

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