Top Democratic Politicians Continue to Remain Silent on Cuomo Allegations

Top Democratic Politicians Continue to Remain Silent on Cuomo Allegations

( – When the “Me Too” movement took off, Democrats were quick to condemn anyone who had allegations of sexual harassment thrown at them. But, many top Democratic politicians are staying eerily silent as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) had yet another woman accuse him of inappropriate conduct.

A Sixth Woman Comes Forward Against Cuomo

On Wednesday, March 10, the Times Union of Albany reported an unnamed woman is accusing Governor Cuomo of sexual harassment, bringing the total to six women so far.

The unnamed woman’s allegations are similar to the story of Cuomo’s former aide Charlotte Bennett, as they both say the governor summoned them by asking for help with his cell phone, then proceeded to proposition them.

But, as the sixth woman has come forward against Cuomo, many of his Democratic colleagues have failed to address the situation.

Vice President Kamala Harris Ignores Questions About Cuomo

During a press conference on March 10, Vice President Kamala Harris chose to ignore a reporter’s prompting to comment on the recent allegations against Governor Cuomo. She simply walked away and has not personally addressed it on any other platform.

A New York Senator Calls Questions About Cuomo “Frustrating”

Similarly, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) refused to answer questions on whether she believed Cuomo should resign. Instead, she told Yahoo Finance that this wasn’t “the conversation we should be having” and said the repeated questions on the subject are “exceedingly frustrating.”

Gillibrand’s silence stands in stark contrast to her calls for former Senator Al Franken’s resignation when claims of misconduct were brought against him. She’s also spoken out against then-President Donald Trump and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when accusations were brought against them.

Top Democrats Remain Silent

These incidents show us that top Democrats are willing to stay silent on sexual harassment accusations when it involves politicians close to them. Rather than standing up for women who have been incredibly brave to bring forth such accusations, their silence is quite telling of where their true allegiances lie.

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