Top Executives Get MYSTERIOUS Bonuses Amid Economic Woes!

Amtrak Executives Raked In 6 Figure Bonuses

Amtrak Executives Raked In 6 Figure Bonuses

( – Companies commonly dish out bonuses for their executives and employees. People within a business often earn bonuses when it does exceptionally well for a fiscal year. Such wasn’t the case for Amtrak’s top earners. The rail network reported one of its worst years when it handed executives six figures on top of their normal salary.

An exclusive report from the New York Post noted Amtrak gave its top 10 highest earners massive incentive bonuses that nearly doubled one person’s salary in 2021. The generosity also came at a time when the rail service was struggling with low ridership and reporting heavy revenue loss.

Despite the hardship Amtrak was facing, it dished out more than $200,000 to each of its top 10 earners. Deputy General Counsel William Herrmann’s $300,000+ bonus catapulted him to the fourth highest earner spot despite his base pay being well below anyone else’s on the list. Herrmann earned a total of $653,879, almost double his base salary, after receiving the largest handout from Amtrak.

The rail service was receiving billions of dollars from the federal government, with money coming from both the pandemic relief fund and President Biden’s infrastructure plan. Prior to 2019, when the rail network handed out $1.8 million, Amtrak didn’t spend more than $500,000 on bonuses. The company didn’t distribute any extra money in 2020 as COVID-19 brought the US to a standstill. Then in 2021, despite being the company’s worst year in a decade, Amtrak’s executives earned more than $2.3 million in bonuses.

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