Top-Level Agent Asked To Leave Over Political Bias

Top-Level Agent Asked To Leave Over Political Bias

Top-Level FBI Agent FIRED – Full-Blown Corruption Scheme EXPOSED

( – In October 2020, the New York Post revealed the.the e copied contents of a hard drive belonging to Hunter Biden. The FBI reportedly already had custody of the laptop. A whistleblower recently accused the department of slow-walking the probe. Now, an agent has abruptly resigned.

Timothy Thibault resigned from the force after coming under scrutiny. He served as an assistant special agent in charge for the Bureau and worked on the Hunter Biden case. According to reports, people witnessed him being escorted from the building on Friday, August 26.

The former FBI official, a 25-year veteran, faced backlash this year over possible bias. In July, Senator Chuck Grassley sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and Director Christopher Wray that accused Thibault of partisanship. A whistleblower accused him of letting his political opinions impact his work on highly sensitive. cases. He allegedly refused to open investigations based on those beliefs.

The disgraced agent is also accused of trying to run interference during the Hunter Biden probe. How exactly he allegedly suppressed the investigation into President Joe Biden’s son remains unknown.

Neither the FBI nor the Department of Justice has commented on the resignation. The probe into the younger Biden remains active.

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