Top Republican Leader Says Mike Pence Is Finished

Top Republican Leader Says Mike Pence Is Finished

( – As speculations surround former Vice President Mike Pence as to whether or not he’ll make a presidential bid in 2024, some people appear to believe he lost his chance. At least one top Republican has asserted Pence’s political career is likely over.

Former Republican communications director Tara Setmayer argued her case for believing Pence doesn’t have a chance in 2024. She declared that because Pence broke with Trump, his White House dreams are done for.

At one point in time, the former president and his second in command seemed close, even inseparable, but the 2020 election has taken its toll on the relationship. As Setmayer explains, Pence hurt his chances of becoming the next president when he decided not to decertify election results.

The former communications director noted that since then, Pence had made few public appearances and speeches, leading to the belief he planned to make a bid for the Oval Office. But Setmayer added the moment Pence publicly said Trump was wrong about his ability to overturn the election, he blew his chance.

She explained that when Pence did that, he lost most, if not all, of the Trump supporters who may have voted for him. Setmayer jokingly stated that her cat had a better chance than Pence at becoming the next President of the United States.

She asserted that there just wasn’t a viable way for Pence to earn the Republican nomination and go on to win the White House without the support of Trump’s millions of followers and supporters.

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