Trade Talks May Be Back On

Trade Talks May Be Back On

( – From being ground zero of the COVID-19 pandemic to the home-base of the controversial TikTok app, China hasn’t been near the top of President Donald Trump’s favorite’s list this year. Trump called off talks between the Communist country and the US scheduled for Saturday, August 21. However, a new discussion may be in the works in the coming weeks.

On Thursday, August 20, Chinese Ministry spokesman Gao Feng said they have agreed to restart Phase 1 trade talks “in the coming days” surrounding the January trade deal between the countries.

This comes after White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the following on Tuesday about the trade talks:

In January, China agreed to purchase more American-grown farm products, as well as US-made manufactured goods and energy. While China is currently behind its goal to increase spending by $77 billion compared to figures from 2017, it has increased the importation of our goods.

While tensions will likely remain between these two world powers, more trade between them will help to support both economies, especially amidst the global economic and health crisis we’re experiencing.

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