Traditional Dish Contains VERY Untraditional Ingredient

Traditional Dish Contains VERY Untraditional Ingredient

( – If eating bizarre foods became an Olympic sport, it’s fair to presume China would win gold almost every time. If it walked, crawled, slithered, or flew, it’s safe to assume the Chinese people have found ways to turn certain unthinkable foods into time-honored culinary traditions.

Take, for example, a traditional dish from Dongyang, Zhejiang, China, called “Tong Zi Dan,” whose main ingredients are boiled eggs and urine from a boy under the age of 10. The name of the dish translates into “boy egg.”

Chinese officials have identified the local dish as a “local intangible cultural heritage” to the region. People eat it only during the springtime. Young boys no older than ten are asked by local egg vendors who travel to elementary schools to collect urine samples to donate urine.

Teachers familiar with the tradition remind kids to urinate in basins unless they’re sick with a fever or not feeling well in general. Vendors will even wait outside public restrooms and ask parents for permission to gather their child’s urine.

Once the urine is harvested, the dish is prepared by soaking eggs and boiling them until cured. The urine is continuously replaced throughout the entire process, which takes approximately 24 hours to complete. The eggs are then sold for approximately 24 cents each to anyone who follows the bizarre Chinese tradition.

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