Treasury Gives House GOP Access to Hunter Biden’s Banking Records

( – The US Treasury Department agreed on Tuesday morning to give House Republican investigators access to Hunter Biden’s banking reports and his main business associates, representing a delicate situation that could eventually raise controversy in Washington in case any illegal activity is found.

The announcement of this agreement came by Kentucky Republican James Comer, who is the head of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee. In a statement, he explained that the Treasury Department is finally taking this step after two months of numerous discussions and disagreements, pointing out that House investigators finally have access to reports of suspicious activities and business transactions not only from the presidential family but also from their alleged associates.

In January, the Oversight Committee requested the Treasury Department to provide Hunter Biden’s SAR. In accordance with federal law, these are taken by the banks every time a withdrawal or a deposit indicates a criminal activity or exceeds $10,000. According to different reports, while Assistant Treasury Secretary for Legislative Affairs Jonathan Davidson said that the Oversight Committee didn’t specify any purpose for this request, Comer believes that the Treasury Department has almost 200 reports on the president’s son.

Over the last few weeks, officials from the Treasury Department have said they had multiple consultations with the committee on this matter, but refused to take any step not only to protect the records’ privacy but also to consult with authorities before granting access. So far, the Biden administration has dismissed the investigation against the president’s family, claiming this a politically-motivated operation. Also, House Democrats have claimed that the investigation is radical and extremely partisan.

As reported by NBC, Hunter Biden’s uncle James controls a company called Lion Hall Group, which paid the president’s son a $100,000 monthly retainer. Apparently, those payments were flagged, including $100,000 that Chinese mogul Ye Jianming paid to Hunter Biden’s law firm Owasco.

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