Trucker Sentenced to 110 Years for Deadly Colorado Crash

Trucker Sentenced to 110 Years for Deadly Colorado Crash

( – Car accidents happen daily. No one knows when they’re going to occur; otherwise, they’d be able to prevent them. Unfortunately, the results are often the most devastating when a semi-tractor trailer is involved.

On December 14, Judge A. Bruce Jones delivered a harsh punishment to 26-year-old Rogel Aguilera-Mederos. Judge Jones admitted Mederos needed to take responsibility but that he wouldn’t have given him a 110-year sentence if he could have chosen the punishment.

Colorado state law dictates that Aguilera-Mederos must serve 110 years, leaving the judge powerless.

Mederos was 23 at the time of the accident in April 2019. Investigators claim the young man traveled at around 85 mph before his truck collided with stopped traffic, damaging 28 vehicles, killing four people, and injuring ten others. The young trucker claimed his brakes went out, and he couldn’t stop or slow down.

Prosecutors argued that Mederos could’ve used the runaway truck ramp just miles before the crash site. But his defense team countered that the young trucker didn’t know that his brakes were out. Families of the victims attended the trial, with some speaking on the stand. There was a combination of both blame and forgiveness from the victims’ families.

Mederos mentioned the incident was traumatic for him, adding that he can’t sleep or stop thinking about the victims. The 26-year-old took responsibility for the tragedy but wanted everyone to know he didn’t intentionally cause the accident. Indeed, if Mederos knew his brakes were bad, he would have used the runaway truck ramp and avoided the devastation and subsequent 110-year sentence that awaits him.

Is this really justice? Or is the punishment too extreme?

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