Trump Administration Wants This App Stopped

Trump Administration Wants This App Stopped

( – President Donald Trump has once again shown his commitment to securing America’s future by keeping China’s communist influence off of our shores. True to his word, the administration may place a ban on certain China-based apps to keep data on Americans safe.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday that Americans should use caution when using the TikTok app or their pictures, videos, location, and more could fall into “the hands of the Chinese Communist Party”.

Even India and Australia both banned TikTok recently.

TikTok announced it is moving out of Hong Kong after the National Security law that was recently passed by Beijing. However, this may not be enough to prove the information shared on the app is not used for spying or propaganda purposes by the Chinese government.

As Americans look for ways to keep their personal information safe, many moved to Snapchat, an American social media and video-sharing app, causing stocks to rise over 8% on Tuesday, July 7.

It is every American’s responsibility to keep their data safe, and we must remain vigilant to helping one another watch out for potential threats to our freedom. The age of data sharing and smartphones comes with many advantages, but we still have to use technology wisely to avoid being taken advantage of.

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