Trump Announces Hiring Devin Nunes

Trump Announces Hiring Devin Nunes

( – Former President Donald Trump has owned several businesses throughout the years and is now looking to start up his own social media company. The former commander in chief believes Big Tech has censored Republicans and conservatives, leading to potential interference in elections. On December 6, Trump announced that he’s hiring Representative Devin Nunes (R-CA) as part of his new platform.

Trump complimented the representative, stating he believes Nunes will do a good job. The position former President Trump has in mind for Nunes is Chief Executive Officer for Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), which will oversee the creation of Truth Social, a hypothetical platform to rival Twitter and Facebook.

Nunes has apparently accepted Trump’s job offer and will be saying goodbye to Congress in January 2022.

Nunes was one of the most prolific defenders of Trump in the Russia investigation. Nunes, along with the former president, has been outspoken about the alleged censorship against right-wing Americans. President Biden is allegedly looking into investigating TMTG and Rep. Nunes via the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Trump bashed Democrats, claiming they always want to look into what Republicans are doing but never look into what’s happening in their own party. He specifically cited the Hunter Biden scandal of 2020.

While Trump’s appointment of Nunes is a major win for the First Amendment, Congress is going to feel the pain of his absence.

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