Trump Bans Popular China-Based Apps

Trump Bans Popular China-Based Apps

( – Trump made it a cornerstone of his campaign and presidency to distance the US from China’s Communist Party. With an executive order signed late Thursday, August 6, he continued to follow through on his promise.

The order bans any transactions with the Beijing-based company ByteDance, which owns TikTok, and becomes effective in 45 days. Americans have downloaded Tiktok, the now controversial video-sharing app, over 175 million times. The problem is it collects immense amounts of data from its users, all of which the Chinese Communist Party can request at any time.

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of the US Department of State, calls TikTok a national security risk.

President Donald Trump says this is a “national emergency” and notes the strong censorship on TikTok, specifically surrounding the origins of COVID-19 and China’s treatment of Uyghurs and minorities.

Microsoft hopes to buy the app soon and enter into the social media market. This deal would allow the app to live on once it’s clear no connections with ByteDance remain.

This strong stance from our commander-in-chief will keep America’s federal employees safe, as well as dissuade China from conducting corporate espionage and collecting blackmail material on our citizens.

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