Trump Beats Out Former Presidents

Trump Beats Out Former Presidents

( – In light of the Russian hoax, impeachment, critical news coverage, and Democratic taunts, President Trump tied his highest Gallup approval rating of 49%. At this point in their first terms, Trump’s approval rating eclipses that of either Barack Obama or George W. Bush. To compare, Obama was at 47%, and Bush was at 46%.

Political experts say a president with a 50% approval rating is almost a lock to win reelection. The only commanders-in-chief with a higher rating than Trump at this time in their tenures were Ronald Reagan at 52% and Bill Clinton at 55%. Reagan, Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama all won reelection.

This support for Trump still stands even with some public pessimism about the coronavirus and how politicians are handling the situation.

In the latest Economist/YouGov poll, nearly one-third of voters blamed Trump for the damage to the economy due to COVID-19. The poll found that 68% believe the economy is headed toward a recession. Additionally, 56% of respondents said political leaders were more concerned about scoring political points (56%) than people’s health (21%) or economic effects of COVID-19 (22%).

Despite the challenges he’s faced, Trump has maintained a high approval rating. This should play out well in November.

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