Trump Blasts Megan Rapinoe After USWNT World Cup Elimination

( – Former President Donald Trump blasted US soccer star Megan Rapinoe on August 7, after missing a penalty kick that eventually led to the elimination of the USWNT in the Women’s World Cup. The former commander-in-chief blamed Rapinoe on his Truth Social account, adding that “woke equals failure.” He also said that the USWNT’s elimination in the last-16 game was “shocking” and “totally unexpected.”

During a disputed game against Sweden, the USWNT had to define its pass to the quarter-finals in a penalty shootout where captain Rapinoe failed after sending the ball over the crossbar. While Sweden missed two penalties, the US’ Kelley O’Hara and Sophie Smith failed to score. The final moment was one of the most dramatic in the history of the Women’s World Cup, as Lina Hurtig’s winning spot kick crossed the line by one centimeter after being partially saved by American Alyssa Naeher.

Soccer analysts such as ESPN’s Ricky Ortiz said that the USWNT’s elimination was one of the greatest failures in its history. He said the team was one of the main favorites as it has been the champion of this tournament on four occasions. He also said that Rapinoe was not to blame, but was one of the main “disappointments.”

The former president and the USWNT captain have had a long-running feud which started when Rapinoe was among the first mediatic US sporting figures who kneeled during the national anthem. During the 2019 world cup, when Trump was the president, Rapinoe told reporters she wasn’t planning to go to the f****** White House” if her team eventually won the tournament.

In response, Trump posted on his Twitter account that Rapinoe was being disrespectful not only to the United States but also to its flag and even the White House. He then said she shouldn’t do this as the country has done “much” for her and the USWNT, adding she should be proud of the American flag. Finally, Trump said he was a “big fan” of the team and women’s soccer, but noted that Rapinoe should “first win” before speaking.

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