Trump Calls In The SUPREME COURT – It’s War!

Trump Goes to the Highest Court Over Mar-a-Lago Raid

Trump Goes to the Highest Court Over Mar-a-Lago Raid

( – Former President Donald Trump filed a 296-page petition on October 4 with the Supreme Court, asking for intervention on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals’ recent ruling. The previous Commander-in-Chief wants the High Court to stay a decision that keeps in evidence an estimated 103 documents marked as classified, but which he claims might have different clearance levels than their folders indicate.

Agents had taken thousands of documents during the FBI’s August 9 raid at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, including some marked as privileged information. The lawsuit pertains to a decision on September 21, staying a temporary injunction authorizing a special master to review those files. The former president alleges the scope of the special master’s duties was never established in the original ruling, adding he should include all of the records — including those marked “secret” and “top secret” — in his review.

Trump argues that the special master must have access to every file, regardless of how it’s labeled, to determine whether it contains privileged information. Judges previously decided the decision was up to the Court, not the former president, despite Trump’s assertion that he ultimately had power over the documents’ classifications. The most recent ruling allows the files marked with high clearance levels to bypass the special master’s review, making those records fully available to prosecutors despite the 45th president’s objections.

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