Trump Calls Out Elon Musk After Twitter Buyout Debacle

Trump Calls Out Elon Musk After Twitter Buyout Debacle

Elon Musk IMPLICATES Himself – Trump Is On Top Of It

( – Tesla CEO and Founder of SpaceX Elon Musk is a global influence. Yet, people have called him out for making questionable or even ridiculous claims over the years. Former President Trump recently called Musk a “bulls*** artist,” meaning Musk has been untruthful to his followers.

While it may seem like Trump is just upset over the fact that Musk told him he voted for him, then turned around and claimed he’s never voted Republican, there could be some truth to Trump’s claim. The former president noted how Musk recently backed out of his Twitter deal, citing that as one more example of the SpaceX founder’s BS.

It seems Musk has lied or misled the public on several occasions. There was the time when the Tesla CEO claimed the company would have robotaxis operating by 2020.

That obviously never happened. Instead, Musk changed his tune to say there would be 1 million drivers with the company’s trademark Full-Self Driving rather than autonomous taxis. Another instance of Musk bending the truth might have been when he asserted the possibility of taking Tesla private at $420 a share and already had the funding secured.

Tesla never went private, once again showing that Trump might be on to something by claiming Musk is a master of BS.

Do you consider Musk a liar, or has his ambitious personality gotten the best of him and made him look bad?

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