Trump Complains About US Elections At Rally

( – Former President Donald Trump blasted the United States election system during a June 25 speech to Oakland County Republicans in Michigan. The former commander-in-chief told the audience that instead of having real elections like many nations around the world, the US only has “fake elections.”

At one moment, Trump said he wanted not only paper ballots and instating voter ID requirements but also same-day voting on Election Day. He claimed that the Democratic Party doesn’t want any of these because all they want is “to cheat” on the elections.

In his speech, the former president also said he saved Michigan’s steel industry by placing tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum during his administration. He claimed that three of the most important things that make a country are “clean” elections, borders, and steel.

Trump’s tariffs were controversial as the World Trade Organization rejected these 2018 import taxes, claiming they violated some global trade laws. The former president imposed tariffs of 10 percent on foreign aluminum and 25 percent on foreign steel. While this measure benefited the aluminum and steel industries in the country, it also outraged some US allies including Japan and the European Union.

Following the rally, Trump attended the Oakland County GOP’s Lincoln Day Dinner, where he was honored as the “Man of the Decade.” After that, he delivered a speech where he said that the Democratic Party has been a “catastrophe” for Michigan and the state’s auto production. He then criticized the state governor Gretchen Whitmer for approving funds for a foreign company instead of focusing on Michigan workers.

The former president’s presence at these two events represented his first campaign appearance in the state since announcing his presidential bid. Along with Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, Michigan was one of the states that flipped in 2016 to make him win the presidential election. However, Michigan slipped from his grasp in 2020, being one of the main reasons why then-candidate Joe Biden recovered the White House for the Democrats.

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